Elastix Unified Communications Server Cookbook

Elastix Unified Communications Server Cookbook

Author: Gerardo Barajas Puente
ISBN-10: 184951934X
Year: 2015
Pages: 348
Language: English
File size: 13.92 MB
File format: PDF
Category: Network Security

Elastix Unified Communications Server Cookbook

Elastix brings together the most useful tools and features from the Unified Communications and Open Source worlds: IP-PBX, Chat, Call Center, Multisite, Video, and so on, in a modular way.
Beginning with installation and gaining an in-depth understanding of the internal workings of Elastix, you will soon dive into the core features of Elastix and VoIP and Unified Communications to enable a full cost-effective Unified Communications server solution. You will explore the configuration of IP-BPX features, control call routes and destinations, and troubleshoot the unified communications software. Finish by going that extra mile and securing your server and implement advanced dialplan functions.
Through this step-by-step guide you will get to grips with VoIP and Unified Communications with Elastix and dive into practical tips to install, deploy, and maintain your own solutions.

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